Game Console Registration

(VERY) Frequently Asked Questions

data jack

We've put together this web page to address a number of frequently asked questions regarding the USF game console registration service.

  1. I'm trying to register something other than a game console (like a TV, TiVo, Roku, printer, etc). How should I do this?

    The game console registration page is ONLY for game consoles. If you're attempting to register some other device that doesn't have a web browser which would allow you to complete the normal registration process, you can manually register the adapter address of this device by visiting the Network Registration page.

  2. Which wireless network do I use?

    Just "USF" (not any of the others - so not "USF-Guest", or "eduroam"). And you may experience issues until your console is properly registered.

  3. Why cant't I use my Nintendo Wii on USF's wireless network?

    Wireless networks support multiple data rates (speeds). Your wireless network adapter automatically selects a data rate which will provide you the best possible throughput given your distance from the nearest access point and based on how much interference it is receiving from other devices nearby.

    In a large wireless network, when the very low data rates (ie: 1Mbps and 2Mbps) are used by an client, it degrades the performance of all other wireless clients on that same access point. So, in order to provide a better wireless experience to all users and devices, USF (and any large wireless network provider) must disable these lower data rates to ensure that clients are only using the higher rates.

    Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii can not connect to the network if these lower rates are disabled. It requires the 2Mbps data rate. But, USF provides wired network connections in every dorm room and these connections will work just fine with the Nintendo. In fact, the wired connection will work better than any wireless connection (see the next FAQ item). Keep in mind that the Wii doesn't have a built-in wired network adapter, but several different USB adapters are available for less than $20.

  4. Why aren't game consoles recommended for use on the wireless network?

    The main reason is gaming performance. Unlike when you lived at home in a small environment with maybe a couple of brothers and sisters all sharing one wireless router, you now live in an environment with thousands of your closest friends. You all share a common residential space and almost every single student has a microwave oven or cordless phone of some kind in their room. These devices interfere with wireless networks causing dropped connections and poor network performance. If you're gaming, you want the most reliable network connection you can get (otherwise when your connection freezes, you get fragged). The best way to get a reliable connection is by plugging into the wired network.

  5. I'm plugged into the wall jack, but it's still not working.

    Here are a couple of things to check:

    • Make sure you're plugged into an orange data jack (the gray ones will not work). See the picture on the top right of this web page for an example of what a data jack might look like.
    • Make sure the orange data jack you're using is active. Try using a laptop or PC to test the jack. Typically only a single data jack in each room is active.
    • If you're not able to find a working jack in your room, make note of the label on the top of the faceplate and send an email to asking for it to be fixed.
    • Make sure you registered the right MAC address. On some game consoles an '8' looks very similar to a 'b', and that makes all the difference.

  6. Why does it take 2 days to get my game console registered?

    Unfortunately, right now this is a manual process for IT. Because of a limiation of the network gear we have in some of the residence halls, we're unable to automate this process. We are working to upgrade that gear as funding and time permits. But until then, we have to manually register your game console in our systems. Believe us, we don't like it any more than you do. It takes a lot of effort to do these registrations and we really do want to make it an automated registration as soon as possible.